"Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied." -Robert Boyce

At Art in Motion, the only thing we love more than what we do is sharing what we learn with others. Below you will find some FREE resources such as case studies, marketing tips, information on industry trends and other resources that we hope you find useful for your business.

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Seven Things Any Business Owner Can Learn from the Stanley "Quencher" Cup

As a companion to our first episode of Marketing Mondays with Marilyn, this case study provides you with seven things that Stanley did right when it came to marketing their 40oz "Quencher" cup, which, after a large marketing pivot, went viral on the internet and became a highly in demand product.

Creating Content Made Simple

Focusing on content has become the biggest method of marketing for a large percentage of businesses these days, but is it right for YOUR business? We discussed that in the second episode of Marketing Mondays with Marilyn, and are providing you with this white paper that gives you some handy tips on how you can start using this highly effective method of marketing to grow YOUR business...starting today!

Why Business Cards Are Still Essential in 2024

In episode three of Marketing Mondays with Marilyn we ask the question: In today's digital age...are people still using business cards? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is YES...and they are still an excellent tool for making connections with people. We also talk about some evolutions that business cards have made in recent years that harness technology while still maintaining a personal touch. In this white paper, we discuss 6 reasons why business cards are still relevant - and why you should have them for your business.

Marketing vs. Advertising

In episode four of Marketing Mondays with Marilyn we give you a brief overview regarding the differences between marketing and advertising, and why understanding the differences - and how to leverage both - are your secret sauce for success in today's business world.